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Friday, 12th January 2018
Work Parties 2018
By: Beverley Smith

Dates for the Work Parties this year are

28th January     10am

4th February      10am

11th February    10am

The lists will be on the wall at the club this weekend for you to choose the type of job thats right for you.

Any problems come and talk to our New Bosun Robin or myself.

Friday, 12th January 2018
Trophy Race / Laying Up Supper
By: Beverley Smith

The Laying Up Supper 

will be on

21st January at 4pm.      £7 per head

After the last race of this season

The Backbone Trophy

2/2 to count


Please let me know before the day if you would like to eat.

Tuesday, 2nd January 2018
By: Beverley Smith

We are looking for up to 12 complete beginners or just started adults or young people (over 8 years old) for sailing sessons on 15th and 16th February to help with development of our next generation of instructors.

No charge

Lunch included

More details nearer the time

Please contact Brian for more information or to volunteer



Happy New Year xxx

Sunday, 3rd December 2017
Christmas Party 9th December
By: Beverley Smith

All Club Members Are Invited To The

Broxbourne Sailing Club Christmas Party


Saturday 9th December 

Please bring something for the buffet table

We have a list of ideas by the galley

The 11 to 25s reckon they can beat the rest of us at fun and games


Saturday, 25th November 2017
First Aid Course 16th December
By: Beverley Smith

First Aid Course

16th December

£10 for club members

£50 for non members

Please contact Bev if you are interested in doing this course

Tuesday, 7th November 2017
AGM 29th November 2017
By: Simon Hayes

The AGM will be held at the clubhouse on Wednesday 29th November starting at 7.30pm.

The outgoing committee has proposed some major changes to Subscription and membership rules.

Please try and make it to this years meeting as it is your club. 

Wednesday, 1st November 2017
£576.80 to R.N.L.I.
By: Beverley Smith

The Tommy Cooper 12 Hour Sponsored Sail

6th October 2017

Thanks to the efforts of our club members we have been able to send the R.N.L.I. a donation of 576.80

We have recieved a lovely letter of thanks from the R.N.L.I. which I've pinned to the notice board in the clubhouse.

Well done to everyone who helped

Wednesday, 1st November 2017
Fireworks Friday 3rd November
By: Beverley Smith


Invite our Members to our Club Fireworks and Bonfire Night 

Friday 3rd November

Bonfire starts at @ 7pm 

Free to club members...£3 for members guests

Performing for us are

Our very own ... Alysha           and          The Bobby Allen Swingtet

Refreshments available 

Bar        Traditional Bonfire Night Food           A Barrel of Real Ale

Members wishing for any other information e.mail Bev on




Friday, 27th October 2017
Brians Lasers For Sale
By: Beverley Smith

5 Lasers..... £2250 each

Lightly used...No major scratches or damage

Choice of (1) bottom section and sail. Extra rigs £150 each

Fullrig (2)      Radial (6)      4.7 (6)

Foils have slight damage, subject to availability. Gorilla tiller, XD kicker, outhaul and downhaul

Top cover and launching trolly ( not combi)



Monday, 9th October 2017
12 Hour Sail for the RNLI
By: Beverley Smith

What a busy weekend this turned out to be.

Starting with a change of plan from having a 24 hour sail to a 12 hour sail for a number of reasons we went straight in with a 'Band Night' staring the 'Bobby Allen Swingtet'

They were great!  Fantastic music, candle light, our own light show all over the ceiling, loads of people up dancing and you've only got to hear Bobbys voice once to love it. We had a barrel of beer from our local brewery and plenty of food.

Stuart captured it all on film and will be putting it on u-tube as soon as possible.

I've booked the band for our firework night on Friday 3rd November

(Free to club members £3 for your guests)

Some of us stayed over and and 6am saw Steve and Angelo rigging up a Flying Fifteen in the pitch black with only the light of a torch!

These two were great and before 7am they were on the water to start the Tommy Cooper 12 hour sailing marathon. After a while I took them out bacon rolls on a silver platter to show them how special they were.

Over the day many club members took a shift on the water to cover all those hours. From young youth sailors to older youth sailors who took time out from practicing for their dingy instructors qualifications. We had windsurfers and people taking their turn whilst joining in with the club racing, a sailing lesson happening whilst also taking part. A number of club members just came to the club to do a shift to support the event.

Later on when most people had gone home and only a few of us were left, the rain started and a beautiful rainbow appeared over the lake. it looked as though it was coming straight from the middle of a pylon. There was a stunning sunset too, making parts of the lake look metalic red, and still the rain hammered down making the sailor in the boat very soggy, but it was ok, it was only Paula!

Near the end we got a very tired Steve back in the wayfarer with her to finish the sail that he'd started 12 hours before.

So far our club has raised over £500 for the RNLI with this event and I'll still be collecting for a couple more weeks if anybody else would like to donate.

Thank you to everyone who took part, supported and donated to this event. I couldn't make them happen without you help.

A very special 'Thank You to Steve' You've been my rock through all of this and I couldn't have done this without YOU!

Bev xx


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